HELLS ANGLERS ChestPack technical vest


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Specification: Short cut. Orange-graphite color. 11 pockets, including 5 mesh pockets, pocket with detachable tab, half-open pocket for clothes, hard case for polarized glasses. In addition, the backpack section includes: 2 adjustable straps with buckles, for example to attach your rod tube. A D-ring /clip to attach the landing net to the neck. The large backpack compartment and 2 front pockets have 3 ventilation holes at the bottom that perfectly drain moisture from the accessories stored there. All the walls of the backpack are lined with a soft sponge to protect the carried accessories. The braces are wide, with reinforced seams and lined with transmission mesh. The length of the straps can be adjusted in two stages, also the hip straps can be adjusted, thanks to which the vest can be easily adapted to any angler’s silhouette, including summer and winter clothing.

Dimensions (length / height): 30 x 45 cm.