Rio InTouch Deep Sinking Line


  • Ultra-low stretch “ConnectCore” for the ultimate in sensitivity.
  • “Hang Marker” helps determine where the end of the line is.
  • Welded loops for super fast rigging.
  • Ultra-low stretch core for the ultimate in sensitivity and hook setting capability
  • Powerful, front loaded head for wasy casting and maximum distance
  • Density compensated for perfect fly control


Made in USA

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This line sinks about 5-6 inches per second.

RIO’s InTouch Deep 5 is a nice fast sinking line for times when you want a good all-around fast sink to get down and stay down.¬† A powerful headloads the ultra-low stretch rod up from the first cast; welded loops on the front end allow anglers to change rigs at high speed. Like all the other RIO Deep features a low-stretch core for sensitivity and better hook sets. Feel the strike, hook more fish. In addition these lines are density compensated which means the weight of the line is distributed such that they sink at a even rate through the tip and belly. The straighter the line sinks, the more direct contact you have with your fly. InTouch sinking lines will put you in-touch with more fish. Period.

The welded loops make for quick leader changes and the unique “hang marker” lets you know when to re-cast or when your line is on the “hang”. RIO’s Deep sinking line series feature shorter head tapers to make casting easier and to help shoot line with less false casting.

Deep 6 Profile
Example: WF7S6 / Overall Length: 100′

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WF6S3, WF6S5