Stroft GTM

50 m Spools

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The STROFT GTM is No.1 among monofilament fishing lines. The TÜV Munich she explained to the best of monofilament fishing line at all – and in the US magazine “THE FLYFISHERMAN” STROFT GTM was declared the winner absolute load capacity (see also -Test). The tuning focus will be on the breaking loads while optimizing highly elastic suppleness. In this process, which continues to evolve, there are mainly modifications of the now multi-stage annealing method. Hence the acronym GTM (monofilament Tempered). Likewise, the composition of the “polyamide alloy” (see catalog page 4) in constant development. If development results show clear improvements, these flow after extensive testing phase into series production. This allowed for the STROFT GTM, which passes through all stages of refinement and tuning, over the years, in addition to the main property, the knot strength, the sliding friction, static friction, surface hardness, surface smoothness, yield strength, elongation at break, fine-load-elongation and strike-elongation, sensitivity, feedback, memory, flexibility, suppleness and softness constantly improved and optimized. In diameters from 0.03 mm to 0.30 mm, there is the STROFT GTM in very fine increments of 0.01 mm and 0.30 mm in the area to 0.60 mm gradations 0.025 mm. But even more important than the fine-diameter gradation is thus possible, very fine selection in the carrying capacities
(See table). This is available for every kind of fishing and for every use exactly the right STROFT GTM – with the highest possible linear and knot strength and optimum matching of all other properties. STROFT GTM is the right fishing line for all anglers, for which only the best quality, namely No.1, comes into consideration.

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