Traper Braided Loops

  • A simple solution to attaching your fly line to tapered leader or tippet materials
  • Tube (NOT HEAT SHRINK) pre-fitted to every loop
  • 3 loops per pack

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How To Attach Your Loops

1. Take a braided loop and a silicone sleeve, cut a 1cm length of silicone sleeve – this sleeve will be used to ensure a clean and streamline finish.

2. Thread the silicone sleeve up the braided loop and ensure the sleeve is pushed up onto the double wall braid (where the braided loop thickens)

3. Cut the end of your fly line at a 45-degree angle, this will make threading the fly line down the hollow braided loop much easier.

TOP TIP: Use a small bit of glue to seal the end of the cut fly line, this will stop water ingress and stop any damage to the fly lines core. Let the glue dry properly before going to next step.

4. Thread the fly line down the centre of the hollow braided loop (from the frayed end) in an inch worm movement by pinching the braided loop together it will expand the size of the hollow bore in the braid. Using this in conjunction with the tapered cut end of the fly line will make it easier to thread the fly line through.

5. Thread the fly line down to the double wall of the braided loop – the thicker end. Then slide the silicone sleeve over the fly line and braid. Slide it all the way down the braided loop and stop it about 1cm away from where the braid starts to fray.

6. Apply a small amount of glue just above the frayed ends of the braid and then quickly trim the frayed ends away before sliding the sleeve over this glued area.

TOP TIP: Slide the sleeve slightly over the end of the trimmed fray end, this overhang will provide a tidier and more streamlined finish. Give the sleeve a few hard pinches until the glue sets, this will bond the sleeve, braid and fly line together.


The braided loop is designed to grip the fly line, the more tension created on the braided loop the more the braided loop grips to the fly line. In the same way a Chinese finger trap works.

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